Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Town of Castleton Wastewater Treatment Facility is staffed by two (2) full time employees.  If you have questions, please call and leave a message. For emergencies, call (802) 773-5549.

The facility was originally designed in 1970 as a conventional activated sludge extended aeration plant. Upgraded in 1998, the facility was converted to a two cell sequencing batch reactor system. Ultraviolet disinfection of the effluent was incorporated to eliminate the use of chlorine. The facility has a permitted flow of 480,000 gallons per day (.480 MGD) with a design capacity of 540,000 gallons per day (.540 MGD).

The collection system services approximately 38 square miles of the Castleton area. The utilization of 72 pumping stations and approximately 14 miles of piping conveys the sewage to the main facility for treatment. The pumping stations consist of 10 major stations throughout town and 62 single family stations around the east side of Lake Bomoseen. There are 731 billed users and 1,374 units town wide.

Sewer Bills are due on September 30th; December 31; March 31st and May 31st.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Jeffrey Jordan Wastewater Treatment Facility Operator 802-468-5315 wwtfoper@castletonvt.org
Russ Hallett Wastewater Treatment Facility Chief Operator 802-468-5315, wwtfchiefoper@castletonvt.org