Ordinances & Policies


Noise Ordinance

The purpose of this ordinance is to protect, preserve and promote the health, safety, welfare, and peace and quiet for persons of the Town of Castleton though the reduction, control and prevention of umeasonable noise.

Transfer Station Ordinance
Regulations regarding the disposal of solid waste within the Castleton town limits.

Zoning Ordinance
Standards and policies for the development of land which further the goals of the Castleton Plan.


Conflict of Interest Policy
To ensure business is conducted so that no public official will gain a personal or financial advantage from his or her work, and to preserve the public trust.

Public Sand and Salt Policy
To regulate how salt and sand is permitted to the residents of Castleton.

Select Board Rules of Procedure Policy
In accordance with Vermont Open Meeting Law, all regular, special and emergency meetings of the Select Board must be open to the public and follow these procedures.

Social Services Appropriation Policy
To clarify and manage the procedures for managing social service agency appropriations that are voted at the annual Town Meeting.
Surface Cut Policy 

Tax and Sewer Collection Policy
Description of tax and sewer collection mailings, payments, interest, penalties and procedures for mobile homes.

Tax Sale Policy
Procedures applied to tax sales in Castleton.

Vehicle Use Policy
Guidelines under which town vehicles are authorized to town personnel and guidelines under which town vehicles may be used.