Crystal Beach

  • Crystal Beach

Effective 6/26/2020, Crystal Beach will be open to all Vermont counties not designated as "quarantine Counties" as well as Washington County (NY) visitors. Until June 26th, the beach is only open to Rutland County (VT) and Washington County (NY) visitors.

Hours of Operation: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM (until further notice).



Day Passes:  Adults $4 & $2 for seniors and children (Under 18 or still in high school)

Season Permit Fees:

  • Castleton residents - $15
  • Hubbardton residents - $30
  • Non-residents - $75

Pavilion Rentals (There are two pavilions) - $150 per day (25 visitors max until further notice)

Kayak Rentals - No kayak rentals until further notice


Current Crystal Beach protocols adhere to the Stay Home/Stay Safe order, as mandated by Governor Scott. These guidelines are in effect until any updates to the order are received. Staff will modify protocols as necessary and communicate any changes.

Crystal Beach staff has the authority to limit the number of patrons in the park and or facilities at any time. Occupancy limits will be posted and enforced.

Both pavilions are available with limited capacity. Gatherings are allowed and will be limited to no more than 25 people per gathering. Call ahead to reserve the pavilions.

Maintain appropriate social distancing and wear a mask when around others. Distancing recommendation is 6-feet.

Starting on June 26th, the restrooms will be fully open to visitors. Until then, restrooms remain available for as a changing room & sinks for hand washing. 

Portable toilets are provided for use until further notice (at least through June 26th).

Kayak rentals are currently not available.

ALL play structures are closed until further notice.

The basketball and volleyball courts are open for casual play.

Fishing is allowed along Sucker Brook and the those areas outside of the designated swimming area.

Docks are available for loading and unloading boats and other watercraft.

Picnic sites and BBQ grilles are available.

The Snack Bar is closed.

No glass bottles are allowed.

We understand it will be a challenge to adhere to these protocols but be responsible & accountable for your behavior.

If we all do our part, the beach can remain open for the summer.

Thank you!


Board Members

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Martha Clifford Recreation Commissioner