The Town of Castleton Public Works (Highway) Department is tentatively scheduled to replace a culvert that runs underneath Little Rutland Road vicinity 270 Little Rutland Road on July 20, 2021. The road needs to be shut down south of 270 Little Rutland Road to complete this work. Only emergency vehicles or residents with an emergency situation will be allowed to get through once the old culvert is removed and the new culvert is installed. In anticipation of residents needing to go to work or appointments, the road will not be excavated until 7:30 A.M. The highway crew will have gravel on hand to fill in the trench to get vehicles through during an emergency, but since there is no other outlet, I ask that those residents who live south of 270 Little Rutland Road make arrangement to place their vehicles north of 270 Little Rutland Road prior to the morning of July 20, 2021. I need to limit this project to one day of road closure so I ask for cooperation and understanding from those who live south of 270 Little Rutland Road, otherwise this project could take two days to complete, thus disrupting local traffic for an additional day.

I do plan on going door-to-door this week and talking to residents or leaving a flyer if there is nobody home.

Feel free to call me at the Town Office with any questions or concerns, (802) 468-5319 ext., 203.